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Fingertip Pulse Oximeters


8 Speed Measurement, Fast and Accurate — Using high-speed computing chips, optical detection technology and anti-skip silicone matt finishing inside, the LED fingertip pulse oximeter can accurately measure your oxygen saturation, pulse rate and perfusion index within 8 seconds.When your blood perfusion level is low, the spo2 pulse oximeter might have a hard time registering an accurate reading; We suggest that you warm your hands and fingers before taking the measurements (You can do this simply by rubbing your hands together);

Following that, please also ensure that you keep your hand still because any movement can cause the device to reset its reading;
Nail polish and false fingernails may also cause false readings. Easy to Use – Simply place your finger inside the chamber of the machine, press the operating button, and then wait. Within seconds, you’ll have an accurate reading of you SpO2 levels and pulse rate.

Accommodates Wide Range of Finger Sizes — Finger chamber with SMART Spring System. Works for ages 12 and above. 8s Auto Off, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection — The pulse oximeters automatically turns off when there is no signal within 8 seconds. Two AAA batteries included, can be used continuously for more than 30 hours, up to 600 times or more.Easy to Carry and Great for Traveling — Neck/wrist cord, easy carrying soft case with belt loop. While traveling, your body can often take time to adjust to new altitudes. This meter will allow you to check your oxidation levels, to ensure that your body is properly acclimating to a new environment.

Bright LED Screen and Reliable — The display on the screen is large and bright, and has easy to read charts and graphs. The LED cover blocks out ambient light, making it easy to take readings in just a few seconds. High quality manufacturing process, more reliable and durable.

Portable Design for Sports — Each oxygen finger monitor weighs only 50g (1.95 ounce ), and a lanyard (ALL INCLUDED IN PACKAGE) for athletes and seniors. Ideally suitable for mountain climbers, skiers, bikers, aviators. (The pulse oximeter fingertip isn’t for medical use, intended use for data monitor of blood oxygen saturation level at home, sports or aviation use only.)

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8s Speed Measurement, Fast and Accurate

8s Auto Off, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

Easy to Carry and Great for Traveling

Bright LED Screen and Reliable

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8s Speed Measurement, Fast and Accurate


8s Auto Off, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection


Bright LED Screen and Reliable

Source from a GMP Certified Facility

100% Vegan

Doctor Formulated

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