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This includes:

Our Immune Armor Plus+ program directly aims to get your body in fit to fight shape to fight off any viruses. This is the program meant for those who want to take preventative measures!

Covid Recovery Program

This includes:

Whether you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or know someone that is sick and in isolation, this program has been designed for a full recovery with the help of resources and direct servicing from our health coaches.

Fit to Fight Program

This includes:

Our comprehensive program will allow you to not only improve your immune system health, but you will also get a ready-to-take-action kit that will help you overcome any flu, including covid-19.

How is Fit to Fight good for me?

The Zoe doctors and advisors behind our programs have years of expertise in integrative nutrition, diet, food and sport science, mental and emotional health.

Utilizing organic and healthy ingredients that are made in GMP certified facilities, we make sure that we serve our clients the best resources to get them on their journey to wellness.

Most importantly, we do our best to listen to the needs of our clients. Through consultations and detailed assessments, we do our absolute best to curate personalized programs that fit our clients needs. After all, we wouldn’t be here without you.

The bare necessities

 Sometimes, some of our clients are already in fit to fight shape. They are already healthy and are simply just looking for improved resources and extensive knowledge to just improve their lifestyle a bit further. If that’s the case, then you can rely on our Mini Immunity Kit! Our Mini Immunity Kit is a smaller package for those who just need some products to improve their lifestyle!


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