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Amazing Shake


The Zoë Amazing Shake is truly Amazing! A doctor formulated meal replacement shake packed with 25+ different superfoods and 10 grams of clean plant-based proteins. It Includes key ingredients such as, Olive, Fig, dates, and pomegranate fruits that provide natural healing benefits. While assisting you with Weight loss, increased energy, heart health, and optimal immune system support!

What this is good for:

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Rich in nutrients and antioxidants

Low calorie

Plant based

25+ Superfoods

How this is good for you:

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This delicious shake is doctor and power packed with plant based proteins and health promoting superfoods!


There are multiple ways of enjoying the ZOE Amazing Shake! You can shake or stir of 1 scoop with some water or blend 1 scoop with some berries or even bake it in some recipes to substitute flour!


Promote healthy weight loss!


Increase your energy and maximize your day!


Using only plant based ingredients, this shake is available for all lifestyles!


Immunity has always been super important. Utilize our shake to help support optimum immune system function!

Helps increase your energy

Helps promote healthy weight loss

Helps support optimum immune system function

Helps maximize heart health

Gluten Free

Dairy- Free


Soy Free

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