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let’s get fit to fight. an immune system supporting protocol, improving your overall health. Our goal at ZoëLogics Health Sciences is to help you with something that you CAN take control of – giving yourself a fighting chance to KEEP from getting sick. And if you do get sick, we want to ensure you are prepared with the necessary tools to monitor your health.

#fittofight: an immune armor + kit.

immune streghtening wellness program. fight the flu, covid and the common cold. The Immune Armor Plus+ Journey not only addresses your eating, it guides you through physical activity to build your body for 30 minutes 3 times a day, it guides you through powerful habit-changing to strengthen your mind and spirit with daily articles, while the supplements aid on building your immune system.

Get Fit to Fight Immune Plus

#fittofight: a covid recovery kit.

designed for covid-19 recovery. COVID-recovery goes deeper than a great diet, it supports your mind, body and spirit while it guides you to recovery. It gives you the attention your doctor can’t while it gives you tools to strengthen your immune system. During this program you will have a clear view of where your health stands, allowing you to make informed decisions about your wellbeing, putting you in control while it gives all the support you need to overcome covid-19.

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Get Fit to Fight health coach

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our zoë coaches understand the importance of support when it comes to health.

Get Fit to Fight Meal Plan

easy meal plan

we have curated an easy meal plan that will not require multiple trips to the grocery store. easy, healthy recipes.

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our herbal supplementation and technology are tried and true products that can help you get your immune system in fit to fight shape.

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